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Lynn Hershman Leeson in conversation with claire_w

I wrote this post for InterventTech on 28 February 2009. Click on the link at the bottom to read the full post.


BLOG EXTRACT – If you visit InterventTech regularly or you’re connected to me on twitter, you’ll know that some of my time in the last couple of weeks has been spent interviewing the wonderful Lynn Hershman Leeson. The following interview took place in February 09 and occurred in an on-and-off fashion, via the magic of email!

Introducing ‘Curing the Vampire’

curing the vampire

Curing the Vampire by Lynn Hershman Leeson was commissioned by Kelli Dipple, curator of the Tate Intermedia Art programme. The work combines four interviews with a selection of inspiring guests, including Gilberto Gil, Elena Poniatowska, Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn and Lawrence Lessig. The interviews are shot in a range of locations around the world and in the virtual world of Second Life.

Mixing networked interviews with the simulated environment, the interviewees and contributers explore interwoven themes of revolution, empowerment, technology and REMIX. Each interview examines how new and mass media mechanisms have generated change and how cultural and technological infrastructures have shaped the ability of individuals to have social and political impact.

Read this interview in full | Lynn Hershman Leeson in conversation with claire_w.