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Blogging for FutureEverything 2010

I wrote this post for InterventTech on 10 May 2010. Click on the link at the bottom to read the full post.


BLOG EXTRACT – Hello everyone. I thought I’d do a quick post to let you know that I’ve been invited along as the official blogger for FutureEverything 2010 (formally Futuresonic) by axis.

Axis is an online resource for information about contemporary art. Their website

FutureArt & FutureEverything 

FutureArt & FutureEverything blog on Tumblr

features profiles of professional artists and curators, interviews, discussions, art news, debates and showcases the artists to watch.

My blog for the Festival this year is called FutureArt & FutureEverything. You can find it on Tumblr and it will be pulled through to the axis webzine area soon.

Blog posts:

Read this post in full | Blogging for FutureEverything 2010.

Cultural blogging in Europe by LabforCulture

I wrote this post for InterventTech on 25 May 2009. Click on the link at the bottom to read the full post.


BLOG EXTRACT – LabforCulture recently set out to investigate the state of cultural blogging in Europe. The aim was to find out more about who cultural bloggers in Europe actually are, what they’re talking about, which audiences and communities are being engaged and how sustainable they are. I was one of the interviewees…

Cultural blogging is not (yet) a well-known category within the blogosphere. LabforCulture wanted to find out more about the role of blogging in the cultural sector generally and what it means for LabforCulture specifically. They asked Annette Wolfsberger from Virtueel Platform, the Dutch sector institute for e-culture, to interview cultural bloggers across Europe. The results of research will be published in a short paper.

The focus of the interviews was to look at individual European blogs that take contemporary and popular culture as their main starting point. This ‘viral exploration’ includes a series of in-depth interviews with bloggers from the United Kingdom, Poland, Italy and the Netherlands, among others, with an attempt to map cultural blogs more widely across Europe.

Read this post in full | Cultural blogging in Europe by LabforCulture.