About Claire

I’m a professional Media Producer based in London. My interests  include networked living, creative action, public engagement, location-based services, social value, transparency, Play!, free culture and delightful digital experiences.

I love art-tech, cities, Caramacs, pop culture, music and any form of two-wheel travel.

Claire at Kew

I currently work for Kew, a guardian of two beautiful botanic gardens in England. Kew is also a world leader in plant based scientific research and delivers conservation worldwide, protecting plants and nature for our future.

The services I produce at Kew combine expert editorial with social media. On top of producing compelling online experiences that improve access to public information and data, the projects I work on also enable online visitors to ‘have their say,’ share experiences,’ use information and content and meet others of a like mind. You can find out more about what I get up to at Kew on our team blog – Digital Adventures.

Art and Other interests

My academic background is in contemporary art history and I have an MA in Cultural Policy from Goldsmiths University. My specialist area of interest is art, creative production and technology and I’m particularly interested in creative activity taking place in the UK – past and present.

Between 2006-09 I set up and ran http://www.interventtech.net – an independent platform for the UK’s art and technology movement. InterventTech showcased the work of emerging artists and wider creative practitioners exploring contemporary life, in all its technological glory – the good, the bad and the ugly. This blog is now available as an archive.

My new blog Life | Art | Us is a development and departure from InterventTech. Keeping a focus on the UK, it looks to the past, present and future and showcases art that investigates the impact of technology on contemporary life and experience. Over the last century, daily life has become more and more packed with technological experience. From ordinary everyday stuff like electricity, TV, telephones, video games, transport, CCTV and the internet to more complex stuff across military developments, science innovation, nano-technology and Artificial Intelligence. Led by the preoccupations of artists, Life | Art | Us puts a spotlight on this vibrant, yet often hidden strand of UK arts practice.

More Claire stuff

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