Enter by Google…

Playing with my friend Victors iphone over lunch on Friday, i noticed that Google have ditched ‘Enter’ on their iphone app…and they’ve swapped in ‘Google…’

In all honesty, on pressing ‘google’ to submit my search query something funny happened inside. My stomach definitely turned. And the only thing that could of caused it was my fondness for ‘Enter.’ I missed it.

I’ve grown up with ‘Enter’… I know what it does, and I respect its objectivity.

So…I got thinking. Now Google’s redesigned the laws of the keyboard…what’s next? What else might Google try its hand at? A perfume range perhaps…

Now just to be clear, I generally like Google. They’ve been ‘exposed,’ as acquiring a bit of a lazy bone of late (with the old Chrome T’s & C’s)…but Google engineers have developed some fantastic applications and services over the years. Applications and services that genuinely make my life easier and better…

Although I’m confident that any fragrance that Google might release would be a sweet.x mass market smash! what my turning stomach told me was that I’m worried about ‘Enter.’ And perhaps even more importantly…that I’d prefer it if Google focused it’s efforts on the improvement of ‘search’ and the development of new brilliant apps.

NOTICE – my wish list excludes the unnecessary brand’adisation of iphone applications…

-claire welsby-


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